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Ashley Thompson


It all started when…

I realised I had a love of writing. Jo March, Betsy Ray, Anne Shirley. Much like Rory Gilmore, I grew up wanting to see and experience the world like my literary heroes: by giving others a voice. I am curious about people, their stories and how they think, and so believed this would mean a career in journalism. 

But during my formative years in South Africa, the United States and now Australia, the world changed and by the time I reached university, so had journalism. Writer's needed a profile, a voice, an opinion and (while I had plenty of those) I really, really didn't want it to be about me. It was always about others. And so I found myself increasingly drawn to "representing" others, helping others communicate their brand clearly, concisely, accurately and genuinely. Because, at least to me, commercialism was honest. Honestly about making money, as opposed to the truth twisted into click-bait for a disingenuous profit. 

So today, I write! I write marketing strategies, press releases, website copy and the story of a brand into website and imagery.

And maybe someday (soon), I'll write a thesis. Which too, will not be about me but the stories of others.